Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Spotlight on Bad Meet Evil...

Joseph Fonti is the man behind this new label Bad Meets Evil. He started printing a batch of t-shirts about a year ago and was surprised at how well received they were.

When asked about the design process for his t-shirts he stated that he works best at night, with some rocking tunes on and that he is never really sure how the design will end up. It's very much a creative journey.

So why the name Bad Meets Evil? Joseph responds:

"The way I see it, modern fashion is all about highlighting the supposedly beautiful facets of life, but it brushes over anything that is considered ugly or shunned. In my work, I feel like I’ve been drawn to the darker side of things. I think Bad, Meet Evil... tries to satirise the industry with caricatures of how I see life, and attempts to invite a new perspective on the glamorous world of fashion. The designs are influenced heavily by the underground graffiti scene and hip- hop mentality; there is an undefinable sincerity and beauty that accompanies the works of those who choose to use art as an escape from the harsh reality of our everyday lives. Bad, Meet Evil... tries to encapsulate both of these feelings."

Bad Meets Evil is also creating the merchandise for Aussie hip hop artist 360!

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