Thursday, March 17, 2011

T-shirt Spotlight on Malamoop!


Danielle Medalle is the lovely person behind label Malamoop.

All of her t-shirts are designed, stencils cut, screen printed and cured (that's heat setting the prints!) by her own hands! Phew, it sounds exhausting doesn't it!

When we asked Danielle about how she got started, this is what she had to say:

"My designs are mainly character based. I have a very cartoony style. I started printing t-shirts and plush toys for friends as gifts then a friend of mine opened a store and asked me if I wanted to stock my t-shirts. I base a lot of my characters loosely on friends and things that amuse me."

Malamoop t-shirts are all printed on recycled tees. Buying them from op shops gives each t-shirt its own individuality and no two tees are the same. The recycled nature of the tees means that they are super soft and worn in, you also won't get any weird colours running in your washing too!

You can also find Malamoop t-shirts at The Radical Grocery Store in Brunswick.  Oh, they are a super bargain at $28 too!

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