Friday, August 26, 2011

Pachamama begins next week!

Town Hall Gallery is pleased to host Pachamama, an exhibition of works by Cristina Palacios.
Pachamama is an interdisciplinary exploration of Argentinean myths of creation, cosmic energy, growth and proliferation.

This exhibition investigates the artists personal, cultural and spiritual beliefs, in particular the spiritualized Mother Earth figure, called Pachamama in Argentinean culture.

Using unconventional materials and installation, Cristina Palacios explores the idea of this South American mythology and Pachamama to share her interpretations of the culture and to transport the viewer through some universal landscapes.

The exhibition opens on Wednesday 31 August and runs until 24 September.  Cristina will be talking about her work at the In Conversation program on Saturday 10 September at 2pm.

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