Thursday, September 29, 2011

Get On Your Bike!

GG Junk Though program

Junk Though GG catalogue inside
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The official launch of Gluttony and the Gourmand is tonight from 6pm to 8pm.  One of the works for the exhibition is an installation and performance/interactive piece by duo, Emma Hicks and Kate Williams.  Their work titled Junk Thought, investigates what role the media plays in shaping our eating habits and how us as consumers, navigate our way through reality television programs and advertising.

Junk Thought will be 'played out' tonight as Kate and Emma get on their spin bike in the gallery.  They will be filmed and the outcomes of their cycling and scoffing of a variety of junk foods will be streamed on their website .  Patrons can cheer the artists along by tweeting at them during their performance by tweeting @EK1_emmakate and using the hashtag #junkthought

This is one not to miss!

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