Friday, September 16, 2011

Preparing for Gluttony and the Gourmand!

Gluttony and the Gourmand exhibition

Gluttony and the Gourmand, the latest exhibition at the Town Hall Gallery, is an examination of contemporary food culture and our obsession with food, dining and the cult of the celebrity chef. Curated by Feyza Yazar, as part of the Town Hall Gallery Emerging Curator Program, the exhibition brings together a range of works by contemporary artists to create an eclectic and ‘appetizing’ display.

Whilst watching the Master Chef 2010 finale with 5.74 million other Australians, and inadvertently causing the national election debate to be moved to a different timeslot due to fears of low ratings, Feyza was struck by the way audiences are captivated by the hype, marketing and celebrity which dominates the complex terrain which consumers navigate. This idea shaped the concept for the exhibition in which our interaction with food and our role as ‘foodies’ is explored.

Feyza has curated the exhibition as part of the Town Hall Gallery Emerging Curator Project and has worked on a 10-month mentorship with Town Hall Gallery curator Mardi Nowak.

This exhibition will feature artists Anne Hsiao-Wen Wang, Corinna Berndt, Emma Hicks, Kate Williams, Katie Jacobs, Brittany Veitch and Ruffbat Creative who will survey the contested zone that is contemporary food culture.

Visitors are invited to join Feyza and exhibiting artists ‘In Conversation’ as they discuss Australia’s obsession with food culture, on Saturday 1 October from 2pm.

Gluttony and the Gourmand is open to the public from 28 September until 22 October.

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