Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Hebridean Raven is at Town Hall Gallery

raven 2

Town Hall Gallery is pleased to host Hebridean Raven, a solo exhibition by Norma Ann McGowan.

McGowan is of Scottish heritage and was inspired to use the symbol of the raven as they hold an intrinsic position within the Celtic culture. They are sociable creatures whose clever and inventive behaviour can amuse and annoy the people amongst whom they live. She stated that her childhood memories from the islands of Scotland include the thieving ways of the local ravens. In Scottish mythology they also play the role of protectors of the Western Isles, so they are regarded with affection as well as exasperation.

The paintings in the exhibition consider the sleek physicality of the raven; their wings spread wide as they rush towards the object of their interest, their mouths open as they communicate with glee. The floor installation suggests their social nature and the movement of the feathers in the slight air currents of the room implies the possibility of flight and freedom.

The exhibition is open to the public from Wednesday 26 October until Saturday 19 November. Norma will also be discussing her work on Saturday 5 November from 2pm.

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