Sunday, November 27, 2011

Interview with Nikita Burt

Pre-fab install 005
Detail of one of Nikita's works on show at Pre-Fab.

Tell us about yourself! Where are you from?

I’m originally from the sun-struck part of the state, Mildura, and I think I’m coming up 5 years in Melbourne this year…I’ve just completed my Grad. Dip in Creative Arts Therapies at Miecat, Fitzroy.

How would you describe your work? What materials do you work in?
My assemblages on paper, linen and wood often employ tools for actions that we make everyday, tools that we construct and deconstruct our world with. Staying with these actions provides opportunities for new forms and new ways of being to emerge.

Tell us why/how your work fits in to the Pre-Fab idea?!
I’m intrigued by our capacity to love the natural world, and our insane attempts to imitate it. In the case of artificial flower production, there is a tension for me between the absurdity of them and their brilliance. Producing these works has been a process of consolidating this conflict, confronting the space between the conditioning of our industrial ways and our relationship with the natural world.

What achievement are you most proud of to date?
Completing a 12 month residency at Box Hill Community Arts Centre as I feel learning to work with the community is pretty important for artists.

What's your work practice like? Do you work in a studio/home? What gets you in the mood to create?
Nature, a pot of tea and a journal close by is usually a good start to the day. Currently I’m in transition between two studios, I’m getting ready to move from the Box Hill Community Arts Centre Loft studio to House of Bricks in Collingwood.

Is there a soundtrack to your creativity? Do you have music or silence?
A bit of both at times, mostly it’s instrumental pieces, lately it’s Dirty Three.

What do you think people will take away with them from seeing your work?
Perhaps a new relationship with synthetic flowers?

Where do you want to be in 10 years time? What's your dream?!
A full time arts practice, more collaboration and definitely some kind of role in my community that helps others move through difficulties or life transitions using art.

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