Thursday, June 7, 2012

Hawthorn Town Hall Arts Precinct.

Artists impression of the new foyer of Hawthorn Town Hall.

As most of you will know, the Hawthorn Town Hall and Town Hall Gallery is closed and the hoardings are up! Yes, the amazing redevelopment has begun and the Hawthorn Town Hall is set to be converted into a new heritage-inspired arts and cultural space.

The upgraded facility will support the presentation of diverse visual art and performing arts programs, civic events, as well as community and corporate activities.  We expect construction to be completed in mid-2013.

Artist impression of the new gallery spaces.

Key redevelopment features include:
  • refurbishment of Town Hall areas including new kitchens, amenities and meeting rooms.
  • new arts studio and workshop spaces.
  • new, expanded exhibition spaces.
  • cafe
  • annex building - new facade treatment and entry.
  • painting of the building exterior.

The Town Hall Gallery spaces will expand and will move from the former gallery, into new exhibition spaces closer to the front of Hawthorn Town Hall.  We have shared some artist impressions of the proposed spaces to give you some idea of how it is all coming together.  However stay tuned for more information as it comes to hand!

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