Monday, September 24, 2012

Caretaker Period...

Victorian local government elections will be held on Saturday 27 October 2012.

In the lead up to the elections, City of Boroondara will enter the election period, also known as the caretaker period.

This will start at midnight on 25 September 2012 and end at 6pm on 27 October 2012.

During the caretaker period, City of Boroondara's functions and powers will be limited. Council will be unable to make major policy decisions or to undertake community consultation on contentious issues.

Council's media services and publications will also be restricted. There will be limited updates on Council's social media accounts.

What does this mean?  Well, we won't be posting on the Town Hall Gallery blog, Twitter or Facebook page during this time.  We won't be answering comments or questions through these social media channels so if you have a burning questions, contact the curator, Mardi Nowak directly at

We will be back to normal posts from 28th October!

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