Monday, November 25, 2013

A thousand eyeballs

Wow! For those of you who came along on the weekend, our heartfelt thanks. We were completely overwhelmed with positive responses to the new gallery. On Sunday alone we had over 500 people through, many spending a great deal of time looking at each and every artwork. That's over a thousand eyeballs cast through the space in 5 hours. Amazing.

Mardi conducted a guided tour of the collection on Saturday afternoon, to an enthusiastic crowd of art-fans. We got to learn about which artworks are on display for the first time, gained insight into the artists and their backgrounds, and developed a better understanding of the nature of public collections. One of our attendees recognised his father's business in a photograph by Eric Thake while others were keen to decipher the layout of the Barkers Road series of artworks undertaking by Ian Armstrong over four decades. Selina Ou's photographs were devoured for clues about meaning and Mathew Greentree's mixed media work was particular popular.

It was lovely to see a great many of the tour attendees return for the big Sunday open day, bringing along family and friends, and taking the opportunity to look again at this large body of work. There's 65 artworks to take in, which means multiple visits are almost certainly necessary to digest everything. Some people took the chance to read the Marker book as they perused the artwork, ensuring they could get a fuller appreciation and understanding of the works and their histories.

Paper Play - our public program conducted by the wonderful Sayraphim Lothian - was also incredibly popular, with dozens of youngsters (and their parents) diving into magazines, maps and coloured papers to conjure up creative collages. The challenge was put out to make anything you liked, as long as it had some part of a map in it. We had some really great art produced, which we pinned to the wall and celebrated for the kids.

The Community Project Wall was also a very popular destination, and we sold two paintings by the talented John Bates. VATMI Art and Design have put on a strong showing of their work, some of which is also on show in The Emporium and also proving very popular. We have some exciting news about the Community Project Wall, which we hope to share with you all very soon, say stay tuned! The Emporium has been very busy already - check here for information about some of our range - but needless to say, with present buying rising high on everyone's agenda in the next few weeks, The Emporium is a perfect place to visit for those needs!

John Bates, Melbourne Triptych  *SOLD*

The gallery is now officially open and running regular hours. You can drop on by, Tuesday to Friday we're open 10am to 6pm and on the weekends we're open 11am to 4pm. See you soon!

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