Friday, December 27, 2013

A Quest for Fruitful Partnerships

We are very excited to announce a new partnership arrangement with the wonderful folk at Quest Hawthorn Studios, led by the delightful Michael Kratzke. As a result of the new arrangement, our program of exhibitions in the fourth gallery space will be billed under the moniker - Quest Hawthorn Community Project Wall - and our ability to foster the artistic talents of our local creatives takes a massive leap forward.

Views of the Hawthorn Arts Centre from Quest Hawthorn!

A partnership of this nature is a great example of organisations working together in mutually beneficial ways. The most important outcome in this scenario is that thanks to Quest Hawthorn's support, all exhibitions by our Boroondara artists will be advertised, supported, promoted and catered for with the same level of professional quality afforded the shows with international artists and Australian icons exhibited in the main galleries. This will have tremendous outcomes for the artists and help propel their professional practices.

To kick off the 2014 program at the Quest Hawthorn Community Project Wall, Richard Glenn will be exhibiting a series of paintings inspired by the highly frenetic world of urban street art. Richard is a young artist with a bucketload of talent and potential. Having just graduated from RMIT, he recently exhibited his work at Monday Week Gallery in Carlton North. Speaking eloquently of his own work, Richard explains:

Disenchanted with more conventional and socially regulated interests and activities, the youths of today have become enchanted by the dense and boundless nature of their urban environment. It is a fascination that commonality has excited into a rich, but difficult to define culture, operating on social, artistic, physical and intellectual levels.

Richard Glenn, detail of Mums the word (2) (2013),
 120 x 120 mixed media on board 
Richard's exhibition, Escapism, launches on Saturday 11 January, from 2-4pm. It will be fully catered and there will be drinks to celebrate the occasion. Paintings will be for sale, so it will be a great opportunity to buy some vibrant, highly-charged contemporary art from a promising young artist. These are local stories by a locally engaged young man, revealing a very real connection to the way in which urban youth are trying to navigate their place in the world - a world of nature and artifice collided into an environment fraught with discordant forces.

Two other exhibitions are launching simultaneously - New Ground (a curated group show) and Singular Impressions (a survey of Wayne Viney's work) - so it's going to be a grand affair! Information about these shows will follow here too, but you can get a sneak peek here.

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