Thursday, May 15, 2014

A kaleidoscopic visual feast

We have a veritable feast for your eyes and your mind at Town Hall Gallery at the moment. From the kaleidoscopic delights of the Mosaic Association of Australia & New Zealand's (MAANZ's) exhibition of bright colour and form to the variety of clever artworks assembled to make up 'The Act of Seeing' you'll have plenty to digest on your next visit.

Emma Hack's gorgeous work in Gallery 1
'The Act of Seeing' brings together photography, video, installation, performance, photography, printmaking and painting to explore ways in which we understand the viewer's process of consuming art and watching the world. We're excited to bring out more Eric Thake works from our permanent collection to mix it up with contemporary artworks. Thake's art proved highly popular for our Marker exhibition and we're very proud of our growing collection of his oeuvre. For a little visual insight into the show, check out our preview video below:

Along the vast stretches of the Quest Hawthorn Community Project Wall we have works from MAANZ that are rich and complex pieces drawing in a steady stream of admiring eyes. MAANZ award participants with a selection of prizes, and taking out the major prize this year was Barb Holmes and her work Shorelines. Other winners include Sandy Wright (2nd Place), Dianne Binstead (3rd Place and Highly Commended), and Ann Hood (Commended). Congratulations to the winners but rest assured, the whole ensemble is a highly worthy collection of talents. Here's another video sneak peek preview:

Stay tuned for some exciting news about exhibition opportunities, artist studios and new acquisitions in our next posts.

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