Wednesday, May 28, 2014

A Variety of Seeing Options

In the early 1970s a seminal art documentary was aired on the BBC in the UK and its impact was felt immediately. Written and presented by John Berger, the show explained the power of art, the way it was made and how you could interpret its meaning and understand its purpose. It was so successful that the scripts were turned into a book which then went on to become a key text for art schools and artists.

Berger combined ideas from philosophy and art theory, and presented them in easily digestible segments. The documentary predates the rise of high-consumerism on a global scale, predates common computer use and the internet, and yet its ideas are as relevant now as they were ground-breaking then.

The current exhibition in the main galleries, 'The Act of Seeing', is an homage to this important art text and to John Berger's passion. Each of the artworks ask us to reconsider how we see art and how we understand the relationship between the viewer and the viewed.

Greg Blakey

In recognition of this connection we will be screening the documentary in its entirety - all four 30min episodes. It's completely free to attend and it starts at 1pm this Saturday 31 May at the Hawthorn Arts Centre. There's a wonderful cafe on site if you want to grab some food or drink as well. Come along, pull up a seat or a comfy spot on the newly carpeted floor, and gain a deeper insight into the wonder of art.

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