Monday, May 12, 2014

What's new at The Emporium @ Town Hall Gallery

Have you visited our gallery shop?

That’s right, in the front foyer of the Hawthorn Arts Centre at the eastern entrance on Burwood Road; we have a wonderful gallery shop called The Emporium at Town Hall Gallery. We've spoken about it before on the blog but it’s been a while since we've updated you on the stock and stockists adorning our gorgeous white cabinets.

Pen + Soot

Pen + Soot comes from the hands of local maker Laura Harding (who is also one of our amazing gallery volunteers). Laura inherited an incredible amount of plain white dinner plates from her grandmother who was an avid plate decorator. These gorgeously designed plates feature illustrations of vegetables and other brilliant patterns that Laura has hand painted just for you. 

We support our local creative folk and know that you’ll fall in love with Pen + Soot just like we did. Laura also makes brooches too!

Goodiis: where heart + craft meet

Goodiis is the brain child of local designer Maria Raciti. Inspired by the bright neon colours of the 1980s, Maria brings a pop of colour to The Emporium at Town Hall Gallery. A toy designer by day, crafty lady by night, Maria’s line of earthy necklaces (called ‘miniis’) are a steal and make the perfect gift. 

Recently, Maria delivered a set of gorgeous Plushiis: these soft toys inspired by Australian animals, like the Koala, are perfect for the little one or as a gift for an international visitor. We’re thrilled to have these soft toys in our shop and look forward to seeing what other Goodiis Maria has in store.


You may have seen a KeepCup display at your local cafe or perhaps in other stores around town. This Melbourne based company are on a mission to get rid of the disposable coffee cup and replace it with their gorgeously designed Eco-friendly coffee cups. We are excited to have their brand new, limited edition "Brew" cups in store now. Made from glass and featuring either a cork or silicone band, these cups are beautiful and perfect for either tea or coffee. Already incredibly popular, get yours before they disappear!

Next time you drop by Town Hall Gallery, make sure you pop your head in to The Emporium @ never know what you'll find!

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Mark Sindone said...

Rather interesting art installments there! And Useful at the same time. Especially for the kids, I think they might enoy walking around a Burwood shop like this.