Tuesday, July 8, 2014

A fragmented whole

Another terrific Quest Hawthorn Community Project Wall launch kicked off with much excitement on Saturday. Lyn Guy's exhibition 'Fragmented' was very well attended with audience members keen to get up close for a more detailed inspection of the fine craftmanship of her technique. It was also another fine day for art sales in the gallery, with Lyn's work being snapped up by those wanting a more permanent connection to the works.

We've been fielding lots of enquiries about how the artworks are produced and Lyn has been kind enough to give us an insight into her technique. The delicate and carefully composed textile images are created by adhering dozens and dozens of handcut silk fragments to a fabric backing support. A clear filament is then free-machine embroidered right across the image. Lyn also hand-dyes the silks that are grey in colour and makes all her own frames. Incredible attention to detail and impressive powers of concentration, couple with a gift for colour and composition.

'Fragmented' is a body of work inspired by the architecture of Spain and the mosaics of Antoni Gaudi, focused on the places of quiet contemplation such as traditional courtyard areas. Lyn has turned her attention to her creative pursuits since retiring from a career in education, educating herself with a Diploma in Arts Studio Stitch/Textiles. She is clearly an artist with an abundance of talent and unbounded potential.

The exhibition will continue, every day of the week, until 2 August.

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