Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Proffering Launched

At City of Boroondara we're blessed to have an absolutely terrific team of volunteers giving their time to help the running of Town Hall Gallery and engage with our audience. Volunteers are a critical part of many cultural institutions, and beyond that, a very important part of the broader economy. It was a delight for us to discover, with each new addition to the THG team, that we have an unusually large cohort of practicing artists. Almost everyone makes art.

An admirer of works by Parisa Taheri Tehrani.

This month, at the Quest Hawthorn Community Project Wall, we are able to bring you an exhibition featuring 10 of our talented volunteers,with works by Parisa Taheri Tehrani, Sujata Rai, Creature Creature, Amanda Lugg, Chloe Mann, Frankie Katz, Cassandra King, Elishia Furet, Jessica Cooke, and Laura Harding. Among the group there is a diversity of age, experience and education; a variety of approaches, styles and content; but what is consistent across the participants is a high level of artistic talent. It seems you can barely move in Boroondara without stumbling on an artist in the community.

City of Boroondara Mayor Cr Coral Ross
A wonderful turnout, listening to Mayor Cr Coral Ross' opening launch speech
We were honoured to have the Mayor of the City of Boroondara, Cr Coral Ross, officially launch the exhibition with a wonderful speech acknowledging the valuable contribution made by volunteers in our community. There's a similarity between volunteering and being an artist, in that both activities require you to give of your time and energy, to proffer your services, in an attempt to contribute to the culture you live in. You are not guaranteed of financial reward but you often hope that your contribution improves society in some way, and that your efforts expand your own potential for development or connection. 

The show will be open every day and run until 6 September. Well worth a look, as it features some very talented young artists, some artists who have tremendous bodies of work, and others who have exhibited around the world!

Work by Creature Creature
Work by Elishia Furet

Another bumper crowd at the launch

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