Monday, September 8, 2014

The Kids Are All Right

As part of our public programming for Composing Common Worlds we ran our very first Kids' Drawing Session on Saturday. Artist Cameron Robbins was our instructor and conducted the session with a mix of controlled chaos and artistic guidance. The session was terrific fun, with lots of running about, scrambling across giant pieces of paper, spritzing the air like rain and relishing in the joy of the unabashed energy that comes with kids let loose with pencils and pens.


It was the first sunny day of spring so it was extra nice to see a cohort of young artists join us for Cameron's session. Working in a fashion similar to Cameron's own art creation, the kids were provided with a series of drawing and erasing implements to build up layers and layers of scribbles and scratches and dots and lines. The resulting large scale images are really great drawings and we'll be looking to find a place to put them up for all to see in the coming days.


Encouraged to shed inhibitions, along with their shoes and socks, the kids moved freely around the paper and over the landscape of their efforts. Cameron guided them to work on particular sections, make star shapes and to think about mark-making without worrying about representation. Perhaps following the idea of Picasso, "It took me 4 years to paint Raphael but a lifetime to paint like a child", the freedom that comes with a child's energy is like a vortex of its own. Cameron guided the corralling of that energy like a whirlpool or magnetic force. 

Stay tuned for the next iteration, it's certainly something we'll be re-staging as part of the public programming that we run alongside our exhibition schedule. Our sincere thanks go to Cameron Robbins for taking the time to plan out and run the session too. Little do they know, but these youngsters have just made a large-scale collaborative drawing with one of Australia's most intriguing artists!

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