Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Art21 Cinema Sessions

ART21: Art in the Twenty-First Century is a fantastic documentary series providing unique access to some of the most compelling artists of our time. We are very excited to announce Town Hall Gallery has secured the rights to screen the entire Season 7 - for free. Four episodes feature a dozen artists from the United States, Europe, and Latin America, transporting viewers to artistic projects right across the planet.

In locations as diverse as a Bronx public housing project, a military testing facility in the Nevada desert, a jazz festival in Sweden, and an activist neighborhood in Mexico, the artists reveal intimate and personal insights into their lives and creative processes. Each one-hour episode in Season 7 is organised around a theme that connects the artists: Investigation, Secrets, Legacy and Fiction.

Art21 is an extremely popular series and especially well loved by artists for its critical insight into the working processes and ideas of the artists it explores. "Whether engaging communities to effect social change, probing personal and cultural histories, exploring timely political issues, or experimenting with how things are made, the artists in Art in the Twenty-First Century demonstrate that the art of today is truly relevant to our everyday lives, incorporating age-old forms and processes to make contemporary art that challenges us to see our world in new ways," says Executive Producer Susan Sollins.

Socially and politically engaged art is particularly present in Season 7. For example, Swiss artist Thomas Hirschhorn works with residents of the Forest Houses, a New York City Housing Authority development, to create his ambitious Gramsci Monument, an outdoor sculpture and participatory artwork featuring a library, radio station, stage, lounge, and workshop area. Formal experimentation is another theme running throughout the series, so too the influence of family and youthful experience.

We'll be screening the full season over each weekend so you've got plenty of opportunity to drop by and pick up different episodes:
  Saturday 1 November: Episode 1 'Investigation' and Episode 2 'Secrets'
  Sunday 2 November: Episode 3 'Legacy' and Episode 4 'Fiction'

Then repeated again the following weekend:
  Saturday 8 November: Episode 1 'Investigation' and Episode 2 'Secrets'
  Sunday 9 November: Episode 3 'Legacy' and Episode 4 'Fiction'

All screenings will run from 1.00pm - 3.00pm on each day.

We have a wonderful cafe right next to the Chandelier Room - our huge Victorian-era ballroom now fitted out with state of the art audio-visual equipment perfect for our Cinema Session - called Second Empire where you can get lunch beforehand and sneak out to enjoy snacks throughout the screening. And of course, the galleries will be open for your viewing pleasure as well, with our major exhibition Direction Now featuring ten of Australia's premier abstract painters. If you come along on Saturday 8 November you can even drop into the opening launch of our next Quest Hawthorn Community Project Wall exhibition, featuring the work of Urban Sketchers (from 2-4pm).

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