Monday, October 20, 2014

Direction Now

Launching tomorrow (from 6pm, Tuesday 21 October) is the last major exhibition for 2014 - Direction Now. All the works are on the wall and the gallery spaces are transformed again with the new works. This is a show full of colour, composition and a sense of visual language. Abstraction is a special form of art, in which the exploration of visual cues is set loose from any direct representation of 'things'. Meaning is more firmly transferred to the viewer, where interpretation is open to translation of feeling and the sheer reality of the painted surface and materials.

Direction Now features the work of some of Australia's finest abstract artists. We are excited to have this group, drawn from right across the nation, presenting their art across our three main gallery spaces. The artist on show are Mostyn Bramley-Moore, Terri Brooks, Michael Cusack,Steven Harvey, Anton Hart, Anthony T O’Carroll, Claire Primrose, Peter Sharp, Ann Thomson

Direction Now has arrived in Victoria from its most recent showing at Glasshouse Gallery in Port Macquarie. The philosophy of the show is best expressed by the group itself:

Currently, the visual art community is producing work in all forms, from performance art to traditional realism. Research is diverse. Yet abstraction is perhaps the least recognized and understood painting form, particularly by a public that in the 1960s understood it more due to curator and critical support. Following in the tradition of ‘Direction 1’, the first group exhibition in Australia to legitimise abstraction in 1956, Direction Now brings together a group of ten artists for whom abstraction is their chosen visual language. The show was initiated out of respect for each other’s work and a quest for recognition that abstraction has a valid, vibrant and lively existence in Australia. 

The exhibiting artists have developed a distinctive personal rather than ‘movement’ based visual language. Abstraction has many facets from art informal, process painting, the hard edge and minimalism. In Direction Now notions of technique, process, and reoccurring themes linked to the artist’s individual experiences and immediate environment such as identity and place are presented. Above all Direction Now is an exhibition celebrating painting with artists using elements of abstraction such as the lyrical, gesture, texture and colour field to convey an individual expression.

The exhibition launches tomorrow and will run through until 17 December. We've got public programming to run alongside the event, and stay tuned for artist interviews in our ongoing 'In Conversation' series here on the blog.

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