Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Direction (right) now

Our final major exhibition for the year has officially launched and already drawing some terrific interest. Direction Now is a wonderful insight into contemporary abstract painting in Australia right now. With artists from Brisbane, Sydney, northern NSW, Melbourne, Canberra and Adelaide it is a rare snapshot of the national scene in one cohesive exhibition. 

And one thing worth mentioning right off the bat ... these works are quite something else in the flesh. While they could be said to be two-dimensional works that hang on the wall, that would be understating their true physical character. These are all highly haptic works - works that are just as sculptural as they are purely visual. Artworks like those by Amanda Ryan, Anthony O'Carroll and Miles Hall are especially object-like. Screen and print representations don't truly do them justice - not in the same way that standing in front of them, walking around them and feeling their presence in space will do. 

Anton Hart

Opening launches are always great fun and this was no exception. We are particularly pleased to have all three gallery spaces filled with large, vibrant works. These are powerful pieces that command the room and are all the better served by the wonderful spaces we are fortunate to have here at Town Hall Gallery. Independent curator and researcher Andrew Gaynor officially opened the show to an enthusiastic audience and two of the artists from Sydney (Anthony T O'Carroll and Amanda Ryan) flew down to be at the opening with fellow abstractionist Terri Brooks.

Andrew Gaynor officially opens the exhibition
Terri Brooks, Amanda Ryan and Anthony T O'Carroll

The artists have published a great exhibition catalogue for the show as well, which they are generously providing for free - so be sure to pick up one when you're in. You can also find out more about the artists on their Facebook page and their own websiteDirection Now has arrived from its showing in Port Macquarie and will next head on to Lismore Regional Gallery in 2015. The exhibition will continue here in Melbourne right through until 17 December - and is a perfect place to spend an afternoon inside air-conditioned comfort!

Admiring the work of Anthony T O'Carroll
A detail of Terri Brooks' fabulous artwork
Miles Hall and Ann Thomson commanding the space of Gallery 2
Our Pop-Up Art Library and relaxed reading area in Gallery 3
Opening night crowd
Gallery 1 and the works of Anthony T O'Carroll (l) and Anton Hart (r)

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