Monday, December 22, 2014

Commission Opportunity for Artists

Town Hall Gallery is excited to offer artists an opportunity to exhibit with us as part of our 2015 exhibition program. Three commissions are available for three artists (or collaborations) to produce new works for August 2015. Artists are invited to submit their ideas and intentions, with a deadline closing date of 30 January 2015.

Ronald Greenaway, (detail) Portrait of Ethel Malley, Somewhere in St Kilda (2002)

Three commissions, each of $1000, are available for three artists (or collaborations). Artists who are successful will have their work exhibited at Town Hall Gallery in August 2015 as part of Ronald Greenaway: The Artist and his World.

From 4 August to 13 September, 2015, Town Hall Gallery will be presenting a retrospective of the work of Ronald Greenaway, an artist with a long history and large body of work, who lives and works in Boroondara. Greenaway has works in public collections, including the NGV, and is a living connection to some of Australia’s most important artists, artworks, and organisations. As part of this exhibition, Town Hall Gallery will also be exhibiting the work of Greenaway’s peers, including Albert Tucker, Arthur Boyd, Danila Vassilieff and Sidney Nolan.

Ronald Greenaway, Upstairs at the Cafe Omonia (1958)

To activate a contemporary connection to this historical legacy, we are seeking three artists (or collaborations) to make new works inspired by,  or in response to, his vast oeuvre. How this is to be done, in terms of both process and outcome, is completely open to the artists. Artists will need to be mindful of the nature of the gallery space but are encouraged to explore innovative approaches to their ideas and work. Artists are also encouraged to do their own background research into the artist, without contacting him directly, to prepare their submissions.

We are open to all mediums and all ideas, interested only in ways you would like to make new  and original art of your own, that is inspired by any aspect of Ron's own work. Whether it's an analysis of colour used in his paintings to make abstract video works from; interpretative dance of the scenes in the paintings; dioramas recreating narratives; or measuring the canvas sizes to produce ceramic vases that apply mathematical formulations to produce their shape. Your imaginative approaches are what we are looking to unleash!

Ronald Greenaway, Albert Tucker in New York (1994)
Applicants will need to submit the following materials:
>        Artist CV (no more than one A4 page)
>        Up to 10 images of your work (which can include video or sound files)
*  to be submitted on portable memory stick or DVD (no hard copies)
>        Description of how you would undertake the brief:
*  including concept, forms of research and expected outcomes
>        Names of two (2) referees

Submissions can be sent to Town Hall Gallery, 360 Burwood Rd, Hawthorn, VIC, 3122.

Artists will be advised in early February, allowing around 5 months to complete their work for the exhibition. Successful artists will be afforded the necessary contact with the artist and his body of work, in consultation with the curators, in order to facilitate the production of their work.

Ronald Greenaway, (detail of) Lamp, Jug and skull (1959)
The gallery will promote the show and the artists in line with its normal marketing approaches, which will include artist interviews, an exhibition essay, invites and social media coverage.

A copy of this document is available here on Google Docs.

Friday, December 5, 2014

Sneak Peek...

Shh. Don't tell anyone. We're about to spill a BIG secret.

Huddled over a rather colourful Excel Spreadsheet, the Town Hall Gallery curatorial team whisper in hushed tones about the 2015 exhibition program, so as not to disturb the nearby City of Boroondara Arts & Culture team.

"We've DONE IT!" Proclaims Senior Curator, Mardi Nowak.

"Are you sure?" Quips Assistant Curator, Kent Wilson.

"What about the others," remarks Gallery & Curatorial Assistant, Marion Piper.

"No, no, this is definitely it," Mardi confirms. "Seven exhibitions in the main gallery spaces, twelve Community Project Wall shows, and a plethora of public and educational programs."

Kent and Marion gasp and begin to squeal with excitement. 

"I can't believe Juan Ford will be exhibiting with us again," Kent nervously whispers. "His work was such a hit in Composing Common Worlds and our visitors are going to LOVE what he's bringing us this time."

"You're right Kent," Mardi says, "and we've managed to secure a major textiles exhibition for the middle of next year that is going to warm up winter in Melbourne."

"I'm looking forward to that one Mardi!" Marion replies. "A surprise hit of 2014 was our Spoken Word Poetry night, Write Read Wine, and we've got some great events lined up to satisfy those of the literary-persuasion."

Write. Read. Wine. Spoken Word Poetry event at Town Hall Gallery, July 2014.

"That's great news Marion," beams Kent. "The Community Project Wall is all set to go and in 2015 we're excited to be showing Merryn Lloyd, Michelle Neal and a number of local community groups."

"Wow! We've got some talented folk in the area, haven't we?" Mardi notes. "There are also some old friends of THG who will be exhibiting with us again who our audience haven't seen since the old gallery space."

"Fantastic," chirps Marion. "Don't forget about the international artists we've been working with; our emerging and local artists will be in some great company!"

"They sure will," Mardi says. "Well team, I think our work here is done. 2015 is going to be a big year here at THG so we had better start the preparations."

And with that, the curatorial team pin the 2015 exhibition program spreadsheet to the wall and resume the busy preparations for the holiday period. As a reminder, the current exhibition Direction Now closes on Wednesday 17 December, but the Quest Hawthorn Community Project Wall will remain open until Friday 2 January (except for public holidays). The gallery shop, The Emporium @ THG, will also be open too.