Monday, February 16, 2015

The final countdown

2015 has already gotten out of the blocks like a shot. This week is the final week for our major exhibitions before we turn all three spaces over to the next show Data Flow: Digital Influence. We've had some terrific responses, including a lovely mention of Ilona Nelson's show by The Age critic Robert Nelson (here). So, there's only a handful of days left to come and check out Ilona's show and see what we've been acquiring into the Permanent Collection this past year.

It is also the final week of our Place Making <Making Place> artist-in-residence program. We've had some amazing art production taking place inside the gallery by our artists - OK Collective, Kitty N. Wong (HK) and our current participant, Justin Hinder.

OK Collective in Gallery 2, worked up a storm during their stay.
Justin is on site, producing his enigmatic and engaging paintings, chatting to our visitors and exploring the way his artwork is influenced by a new environment and an audience watching him.

Justin Hinder's paintings
We are very excited to bring you a swathe of artistic talents for the next major exhibition, Data Flow. We've got an America artist, two Australian artists who now live in Los Angeles, quite a few artists with doctorates or in the middle of finishing them, an artist who is a Director of an Art College and quite frankly, more artistic eye candy in a wide variety of media than is reasonable to expect in any one place. Again, it's our intention to bring you art that captivates the eyes and body first of all, and is rich in ideas if you're interested in delving into that aspect too.

Part of the exhibition will see us utilising our social media platform on Instagram as a fourth, virtual gallery space. We're looking for 6 artists to exhibit in this 'space' - you can find out more here. It's a unique opportunity and a way to explore ideas in the show through experimental expansion of the traditional four-walls of a white cube gallery.

Lastly, there's still a couple of weeks to visit the wonderful work of Parisa Taheri Tehrani. Captivating our visitors, the works are moody, intense and unique character study portraits in oil, charcoal and ink. Parisa is an Iranian born artist, now living in Australia after studying in the UK and the USA. She's been a valuable contributor to the gallery, volunteering here since we relaunched in late 2013 and it's a delight to have her art gracing the walls of the Community Project Wall. Show ends Sunday 1 March.

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