Thursday, February 12, 2015

We're looking for Instagram Artists!

Here at Town Hall Gallery, we LOVE Instagram. Our handle is @townhallgallery if you fancy checking us out (there's lots of delicious arty-ness on there!).

Our next exhibition, Data Flow: Digital Influence, kicks off on Tuesday 3 March 2015 and runs through to Sunday 12 April. To coincide with the exhibition theme, we're looking for 6 insta-artists to infiltrate our THG Instagram with their art and imagery. 

'Wow', you're thinking, 'that sounds super COOL...but what does it mean?!'

For the duration of Data Flow, we will be turning our Instagram account into an online exhibition space. Each of the selected insta-artists will be regrammed from their personal accounts onto the THG Instagram, once a day, for seven days. 

Let me break that down for you again:

* We're looking for 6 artists/instagrammers who's work is suited to online distribution
* Each artist/instagrammer will have 1 week as a 'Town Hall Gallery Insta-Artist' 
* As an Insta-Artist, we will bestow upon you a special hashtag for your 'exhibition'
* We will regram onto the THG Instagram one of your 'artworks' once a day for each of those seven days.


Now here's the fun part...
...Are you interested in becoming a THG Insta-Artist

All we need from you is your Instagram handle (for example, @YOURINSTAGRAM) plus a 100-200 word statement of intent outlining why you want to be a THG Insta-Artist! 

Send your submission to by COB Monday 23 February. That's 5pm for those non-9-to-5-ers. 

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