Thursday, March 12, 2015

The Expanded Gallery

For some time now artists, museums, galleries and curators have been thinking about the limitations of the traditional 'white cube' exhibition venue. There is a very important function to be served by having an architectural space to put art into, allowing people to come and enjoy it in a familiar, safe and generally contemplative atmosphere. But for some art, and for some purposes, this can be limiting.

Given that the current exhibition is about the way in which digital culture is influencing art making, whether in process or aesthetics or presentation, we thought that it would be a wonderful chance for us to explore non-architectural spaces for exhibiting art. To take a look into the way that digital culture has created new ways of sharing art. At the gallery we've been keen to ensure we utilise a variety of social media channels to assist in spreading the good work of the artists we exhibit, with outlets on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Vimeo. And of course, there is this blog as well.

These channels enable galleries to provide more insight to the art they show, providing behind-the-scenes looks into the machinations of gallery activities, offering interviews and sneak previews of shows, and to help promote their parallel public programs and events. For the current exhibition Data Flow we decided to take one of these channels, Instagram, and make it a virtual exhibition space. We have three main gallery spaces full of artwork to see in Hawthorn, and one virtual online gallery space running out of our Instagram feed.

Over the course of the 6 week exhibition, we have one new artist exhibiting each week on Instagram. So in this 'space' we will be showing:
    Lily Mae Martin
    Josh Rufford
    Crystal Knight
    Ace Wagstaff
    Michelle Hamer
    Ben Aitken

Lily Mae Martin on Instagram

Please hop on over to Instagram and keep an eye on this unfolding exhibition 'space'. The artists are all very different in nature, each exploring ideas and expressions that are unique to their own styles and voices, but each very conscious of the digital environment they are navigating. 

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