Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Beauty is everywhere

The Community Project Wall is lined with the brilliantly executed artworks of local Boroondara artist Serene Kitchen. The exhibition, Sewer Princesses, kicked off on Saturday with the official launch and was conducted in an atmosphere of awe and excitement.

Serene generously took the audience on an impromptu artist talk, much to the delight of the interested attendees. There is a careful and considered interplay of ecology, urban-design and identity woven throughout her artwork. All produced with a finely skilled quality of draftsmanship that encourages a long hard look at all the detail in her art.

For example, an artwork like Sewer Princess Light (below) incorporates actual architectural references drawn literally from the streets of Melbourne, together with urban planning elements and industrial infrastructure. All premised on the consideration of individual identity and human existence in a fabricated environment. Clever stuff and visually treat-worthy for the eyeballs.


Serene is also engaging with her audience in novel ways through two projects running as part of the exhibition. There is:
   > Sewer Princesses Snapshots where you can download your own crown and photograph yourself in the urban environment. All the info is here
   > Artist Tour of Hawthorn where you can join Serene on a walking art tour of the local area. This Saturday and details available here.

We hope to see you at the gallery, or on social media (#sewerprincesses) real soon! This show will run until 6 September and you can learn a whole lot more about Serene from her website here.

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