Monday, August 31, 2015

Panel Discussion

There are variety of ways a public gallery can go about curating its programming. At Town Hall Gallery we like to find ways to integrate the historic with the contemporary and we were delighted to be able to bring in three contemporary artists to make work inspired by a local historical art figure. For Ronald Greenaway: The Artist and his World we commissioned new artwork from artists to accompany the retrospective nature of the show, offering new ways of seeing artwork dating back through seven decades.

Artist Nicholas Ives (with his wife Amy) in front of his painting Jabberwocky

This Thursday evening we are running a panel discussion with the commissioned artists - Nicholas Ives, Justine Sielde and Ian Paradine - to talk about the process of commissioning artists in this way and, most importantly, to hear directly from them about how they went about tackling the commission itself.

Ian Paradine with his multimedia installation

Set to take place under the the delightful wooden ceiling of the Chamber in the Hawthorn Arts Centre, you'll be able to hear about artistic process, inspiration, curatorial approaches, and more about the current exhibition itself. It starts at 630pm, Thursday 3 September - it's completely free, with light refreshments and a unique opportunity to converse with artists about their working methods.

Justine Siedle with some of her amazing ceramic artworks.

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