Thursday, September 17, 2015

Obscuring the [not so] obvious...

MARMARAS, Katherine, detail of Obscuring the [not so] obvious...#4 (2015), photo transfer, Indian ink and and coloured pencil, 31 x 43 cm, Courtesy of the artist. 

Last Saturday we launched local artist Katherine Marmaras' exhibition Obscuring the [not so] obvious... on our Community Project Wall to a curious crowd. Featuring a number of mixed media works, these patterned pieces focus on the gestural form of trees in the urban landscape of Boroondara. 

Marmaras uses photo transfer to create the base imagery and then works back into each print using coloured pencil, gouache and other materials. The resulting effect is a kaleidoscopic perspective of the natural and urban worlds in conversation. Marmaras invites the viewer to stop and reflect on the line between these two worlds and how often they overlap, intermingle and collide. Particularly in metropolitan areas, trees grow into and around manmade structures, such as concrete paths and buildings, proving that nature can (and will) carve its own path.

The most striking feature of Marmaras’ work is the repetition. Recognisable imagery is turned on its head, sideways and back-to-front, to produce dizzying patterns. Colour draws attention towards this intervention, rather than away from it, pulling out the gaps between newly formed shapes. These shapes mimic patterns found in nature on leaves, in flowers and the roots systems of trees, reinforcing the strong influence of the natural world to her artistic practice.

Visitors admiring Marmaras' detailed works at the Community Project Wall.

At the launch, visitors were delighted by the shimmering colours in each of the works, commenting on all of the intricate details. Marmaras' joining of the natural and urban environments is mirrored in her own artistic process through hand-colouring and her discipline in building up the numerous layers that comprise each image.

Obscuring the [not so] obvious... runs until Sunday 4 October, 2015.

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