Monday, February 1, 2016

Art Swap: Art for Art

Swap Meet: Art for Art

We are very excited to offer artists a wonderful opportunity to acquire artwork and to have artwork acquired. In the tradition of artist-swaps the Gallery will be conducting an Art for Art swap meet, where artwork can be exchanged for artwork. The process and premise is outlined below, with a simple application procedure that will focus purely on the quality of the work and give you the opportunity to have your work go into the hands of another artist and get you own hands on someone else's work.

Entries open: Monday 1 February, 2016
Submission deadline: Friday 25 March, 2016
Selection of works: Wednesday 30 March, 2016
Delivery of works: by Wednesday 13 April, 2016
Event date: Saturday 16 April, 2016

Program concept:
Town Hall Gallery will be exploring ways in which Art Collections come about, how they are operated and how they influence the art, artists and collectors involved. The Gallery will be conducting an open Art Swap Meet as a way of actively engaging with these ideas and allowing artists to participate in the act of both acquiring artwork and having their own artwork acquired. It is a way of providing a participatory connection to the growing phenomenon of artist collections, where artists themselves are building their own personal art collections through acts of bartering and exchange. A printable copy of this program is available here.

Program process:
Artists are invited to submit for inclusion in the Swap Meet and from those submissions the Gallery will select a limited placement of 50 artworks. Submissions are open to anyone who makes art. The artwork submitted must conform to a set of simple criteria outlined below. There is no submission cost for artists, as the program is designed to reflect the nature of barter and exchange evident among artists in the industry. Applications will be made via email to:

Selection criteria:
* Media: all forms are accepted, except video or sound works
* Size: maximum of 50cm in any one direction for all media
* Amount: a list of 50 artists will be selected from submissions, based solely on the quality of the piece submitted
* Age limit: 18 years and over
* Creation: must have been created within the last 12 months
* Attendance: artist must be able to attend on the day, all swaps will take place only in that allotted time. If unable to attend, a proxy can be sent.

Program delivery
On the day, the 50 artists will be invited to participate in the Art Swap. It will be held in the Community Art Space where all the artworks will be displayed. None of the names of the artists will be shown, only the artwork without any other identifying feature.
Each artist will be allotted a number and the numbers will be drawn sequentially from a barrel. When an artist’s number is called they will be able to make a selection of the artwork they would like to acquire, placing their number at the base of their selection.
After all the artists have had the chance to make their pick, they can collect their newly acquired artwork and discover the maker of the work.

Please download the Submission Form and fill in the following details:
* Name of artist
* Age (are you over 18)
* Title of artwork
* Medium
* Size
* Date of creation
* If you are represented by a commercial gallery, are you permitted within your contractual arrangements to participate
* Attach an image of the artwork, maximum size 2MB, and then email the form to the gallery at:

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