Thursday, April 14, 2016

Dinusha Joseph and the CPW 2017 Program

Our most recently concluded exhibition at the Community Project Wall was a tale of rejection, hard work, success and achievement. Dinusha Joseph first applied to exhibit at the Community Project Wall for the 2015 program was unsuccessful. We receive a large influx if applications and have only 12 slots to apportion, so it's actually more likely to miss out than to be selected. Especially as we also take care to ensure a reasonable spread of solo, group and community shows across the year. But following the news of her unsuccessful bid, Dinusha took the gallery up on their offer of feedback and met with the Assistant Curator to discuss her application and ways of improving her chances for the next year. Taking that on board, she resubmitted for the 2016 program and was successful.

"Looking back," says Dinusha, "having the extra year to work on the feedback, really did change the nature of the works."

During the lead-up to her exhibition Dinusha worked incredibly hard to bring her body of work together, consulting with the gallery to ensure a strong and cohesive suite of paintings. As a result of her diligence and thorough approach, she arrived on the day of installation with a captivating and intense show, ready to be set into place. "A highlight for me of the whole process was the installation day," says Dinusha.

Working with the Assistant Curator to marry her paintings with the idiosyncrasies of the gallery space and architecture, Landscape is a Concept was born. It was evident from the very moment the paintings were lined up along the walls that we had a special show on our hands. Before the lighting was even set, two paintings were sold. Buy the end of the first week, ahead of the official launch, seven paintings had been sold. By the end of the opening, all but 2 paintings had sold.

"The opening was a very special day," notes Dinusha, "in that I was able to share my painting practice with friends and family, in an environment that expressed the story within the works."

So whether you've applied in the past, never exhibited before or just want to bring your work out into the public sphere, an application to the Community Project Wall exhibition program might be the step on a very rewarding journey.

We are now accepting applications for the 2017 Program and encourage you to apply. If you've exhibited prior to 2016, we'd also love to hear from you; and whether you'd like a solo show, wish to band together with some friends, or represent a school or community group, the opportunity to share your artwork with a large audience, under the guidance of a curator and in a professional setting - well, this might be the perfect chance.

Information kits and submission forms are available online (just click on the links).