Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Second Annual Art Swap

Following on from the success of last year’s Art Swap, Town Hall Gallery is excited to host its second annual Art Swap, where artists can share, swap and meet one another. Entry is free by application only. Entries are now open and close Friday 31 March 2017.

Art Swap allows artists to participate in the act of both acquiring artwork and having their own artwork acquired. It is a way of providing a participatory connection to the growing phenomenon of artist collections, where artists themselves are building their own personal art collections through acts of bartering and exchange.

“I had a wonderful time and am very grateful for the opportunity to meet so many amazing and generous artists. Thank you again for allowing me to be a part of this great event. I hope it wasn’t the last art swap.” - 2016 Art Swap participant

“It was a great event, and such a pleasant afternoon, and I agree there was a real buzz in the room.” - 2016 Art Swap participant

View the guidelines and selection criteria here.

Complete the online submission form here.

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