Field Libraries
New works in the Town Hall Gallery Collection
Start:       Saturday 14 January 2017
End:         Sunday 12 March 2017
Venue:     Gallery 2

FLOYD, Emily, Field Libraries, part B, aluminium, bronze, automotive paint, 300 x 140 x 40cm,
© image courtesy of the artist and Anna Schwartz Gallery, Melbourne.

Field Libraries features a series of sculptural works recently acquired by Town Hall Gallery by leading Australian artist Emily Floyd. The sculptures are stacked with an ever expanding “fair use” library of booklets dedicated to eccentric perspectives on the subject of work, including Zombie Marxism and Feminist Autonomism.

Also on show are a series of unique state screen prints made in collaboration with Negative Press and representing a catalogue of Floyd’s ongoing library project. Texts are rendered as brightly coloured blocks, continuing the artist’s long term interest in the confluence of  Cultural Studies and radical forms of play.

Shape of the Life-World

Start:       Saturday 14 January 2017
End:         Sunday 12 March 2017

Venue:     Gallery 1

REES, Alysia, detail of Configured States (2016), digital C type photographic prints, plaster, acrylic paint and
plywood, © image courtesy of the artist.

Shape of the Life-World configures elements in the world around us as we try to make sense of our experience of these. Through carving up and shaping reality, we are moulded, paired back and pieced together in turn.

Artists: Alysia Rees / Samantha Semmens

Forms of Play
Start:     Saturday 14 January 2017
End:      Sunday 12 MarchVenue:  Gallery 3 

CHANG, Jenny Zhe, Exploring Our Inner Self 1 & 2 (2015), wood and acrylic, 25.5 x 20 x 2cm each, © images courtesy
of the artist.

Forms of Play takes a look at the way in which formalism is fundamental to notions of playfulness, interaction and learning. Exhibiting the work of three artists who work with different ideas, materials and processes, the exhibition offers an aesthetically cohesive overview of ways in which artists use form to capture and communicate meaning.

Artists: Sarah crowEST / Jenny Zhe Chang / Henry Madin

What's Happening Here?
Start:      Saturday 18 March 2017
End:        Sunday 7 May 2017
Venue:    Galleries 1, 2 and 3

BUTT, Eleanor Louise, Walking Floating (2016), oil on linen, 139 x 113cm, © image courtesy of the artist.

What’s Happening Here? takes a look at some of Melbourne’s most interesting emerging abstract painters. This group of artists produce works that are full of vigour, colour, and abject freedom. The title is a play on a common query about abstract art’s meaning as well as a reflection on an apparent surge of young artists working with imagery of this kind in Melbourne.

Artists: Minna Gilligan / Laura Skerlj / Nyah Cornish / Jahnne Pasco-White /  Eleanor Louise Butt / Merryn Lloyd / Anthea Kemp