What is Fatigue Management?

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Many of us equate fatigue to conditions that make us feel drowsy and tired. When we talk about fatigue in the real sense of the term, we are talking about a situation where a person suffers from physical and/or mental exhaustion. When a person is in such a condition, he or she may not be able to perform his or her regular work effectively, efficiently and safely. Fatigue can occur for many reasons. It may be because of prolonged physical and mental activity or because of some illness. Lack of sleep may also be a reason for this and it could lead to a disruption of the internal body clock.

Symptoms of Fatigue

Fatigue may manifest itself in many ways. The main symptoms are feeling tired even after sleep, slow reflexes, reduction in hand-eye coordination, and even memory loss that could be short term. Some people also complain of blurred vision while others would like to sleep extended hours during weekends or even during normal days.

How to Manage Fatigue?

Fatigue management is becoming important in modern times. In many cases, fatigue is born out of physical and mental stress. Therefore, there is a need to find out ways by which the problem can be overcome. Here are a few things that could help in efficient and effective management of fatigue related symptoms and problems.

· The first task is to rule out any health problems that might be causing fatigue in a person. It could be because of anemia, thyroid problems, certain medications, blood sugar, etc.

· The importance of adequate rest is also something that should be kept in mind while dealing with fatigue. The body biological clock needs to be respected. Our body needs 8 hour of sleep. This sleep should happen during the night because our body and brain has been programmed for this. If you are an employee, try and look for jobs that allow you to have enough sleep in the night. Even employers should take care of this, unless it becomes absolutely essential.

· Take care of your food habits. Fatigue is often caused by wrong food habits. Stay away from heavily processed foods that are notorious for saturated fatty acids, salt, and heavy in carbohydrates. Make it a habit to go in for green vegetables, lean meat and other sources of food that provide the body with the right macro and micro nutrients. Look for foods that are a rich source of antioxidants. They could help to keep fatigue at bay.

· Importance of exercise. Our body needs moderate workouts and this helps us to remove toxins from our body. Make it a habit to exercise at least five days a week. If you are feeling too tired go in for some moderate workouts that are not too demanding on your mind and body.

· Develop a positive mindset. Negativity leads to stress and tension and this could impact both the mind and body. Hence, learn the importance of being positive. Indulge in some deep breathing exercises and if possible go in for yoga exercises also.


Fatigue could occur because of a combination of mind and body and therefore we must ensure that we take enough steps to keep them in good condition. Our food habits and lifestyle also have a role to play. Visit our website to know more about fatigue management services.