Friday, September 2, 2016

Town Hall Gallery artist in residence

Undertaking an ‘artist in residence’ at Town Hall Gallery, Pierre Proske is creating a site-specific temporary sculptural installation Pula Pod, in the Hawthorn Civic Space (corner of Glenferrie and Burwood Road, Hawthorn). Pula Pod is a series of modular, solar powered electronic devices that communicate water consumption in a playful and creative way. The work will recall the chorus of frogs once abundant in local waterways.

Not your average artist's studio
Pierre is an Australian artist intrigued by the pervasiveness of technology in science and culture and its relationship to nature. After years of juggling parallel interests in technology and the arts, Pierre has taken on the ambitious task of exploring the dialectic between the synthetic and the organic, and harnessing machines into exploring new aesthetics. Pierre has exhibited in Australia, Sweden, Bhutan, Peru, Canada, Iceland, Brazil, Japan, Austria and the Netherlands.

Pierre's residency forms part of the Droplet Project a series of free immersive workshops exploring multimedia arts, nature, ecology, water and our special local frogs. To find out more information click here.

Stay tuned to find out when this installation will be installed.

Friday, August 19, 2016

Louis Kahan: Art, Theatre, Fashion

Town Hall Gallery will soon be exhibiting the work of Louis Kahan (1905 - 2002) in Louis Kahan: Art, Theatre, Fashion. The exhibition will run from 27 August until 23 October.

Kahan is well known for his work as a portrait artist and painter, however this is the first time his work as a fashion illustrator and theatre designer has been showcased. The exhibition tells the little-known story of his work with the great fashion houses and celebrities of early 20th century Europe.

KAHAN, Louis, (1905 - 2002), Torso and Samples II, 1995, oil on canvas and marine ply, 87.5 x 67.5cm. © Courtesy of Louis Kahan/Licensed by Viscopy 2016.

We have worked closely with Kahan’s family, now based in the City of Boroondara, to exhibit his prominent work and celebrate his long and vibrant career. Co-curated by Laura Jocic, who was previously a curator in the department of Australian Fashion and Textiles at the NGV, Laura has said: “This exhibition showcases an exciting artist who moved seamlessly across theatre, dress and illustration. It’s been a personal highlight to work closely with the Kahan family to showcase the multimedia nature of Kahan’s work, and an untold ‘migrant story’ of the talent that arrived unheralded in Australia in the 1940s and 1950s. Kahan was a significant part of the wave of extraordinary talent arriving in Australia from Europe pre and post WWII.”

Spanning all three gallery spaces, this exhibition will highlight Kahan's lengthy and colourful career.

Saint Catherine's Day at Maison Poiret, 25 November 1925. Photograph by Boris Lipnitzki. Louis Kahan is pictured in the centre with Paul Poiret (back row) and Josephine Baker (seated).

Monday, July 11, 2016

Imagined Worlds launch

Town Hall Gallery is thrilled to be exhibiting the work of 9 high-calibre Australian artists in Imagined Worlds. The exhibition has been very well received so far - our Walk and Talk tour of the exhibition attracted over 50 people! We have posted some images below of the launch and the Walk and Talk, and hope that you’ll have a chance to drop in before the exhibition closes on 21 August.
Walk and Talk with the curatorial team. Ben Taranto's work pictured.
Walk and Talk with the curatorial team. Ara Dolatian's work pictured.
Installation view. Conor Grogan (background left), Andrew Mezei (background right).
Installation view. Ara Dolatian (foreground), Alice Wormald (background right), Andrew Mezie (background left)
Installation view. Kate Shaw (left), Kevin Chin (right)

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Spoken Word

In 2014 we presented a Spoken Word event for our exhibition Re-Writing the Image and we've been regularly asked about when we would repeat such an event again. Well, we'll be reprising it next month and we're looking for poets.

As with the first outing we will have 4 spoken word poets present a 15 minute set each, and then open the mic to interested performers. Submission information can be found here. The theme the next installment is Imagined Worlds, tying in with the exhibition in the Gallery. So set your minds to wandering the vast landscapes of the psyche and submit your ideas!

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Farewell Traveller...

Launch of the Traveller, works from the Lyon Collection
Visitors on the opening night of The Traveller

Thank you to everyone who came along to see the exhibition The Traveller: Experiencing Movement, Time and Place.  It was fantastic working with the Lyon Collection and to have the ability to showcase the works of several significant Australian artists.

Matthew Sleeth Stunt car!

Children fell in love with Matthew Sleeth's work The Last Carpark which included over 100 3D printed cars in an installation.  In fact, it was so well loved that we included a 'stunt car' that visitors could examine more closely and feel the weight and strength of the 3D printing technique.

Corbett Lyon, Senior Curator Mardi Nowak, Ada Moshinsky from Ten Cubed, Bryony Nainby Benalla Art Gallery and David Sequeira from the panel discussion.

Our panel discussion about collectors and collections was also well received.  Audience members on the night got a taste of the variety of collections out there and also heard some amusing tales from our entertaining and incredibly knowledgeable panel of Corbett Lyon, Bryony Nainby (Director Benalla Art Gallery), Ada Moshinsky (Ten Cubed) and David Sequeira (artist, curator and collector).

Launch of the Traveller, works from the Lyon Collection
City of Boroondara CEO Phillip Storer, Yueji and Corbett Lyon and City of Boroondara Mayor Cr. Jim Parke checking out the model.

Visitors were also very interested in the architectural model on display in the gallery foyer of the current Lyon House Museum as well as the new (soon to be built) public museum.  If you have never visited the Lyon House Museum, please visit their website to see available times and bookings.

Launch of the Traveller, works from the Lyon Collection
visitors viewing Shaun Gladwell's video work.

Town Hall Gallery is thrilled to have been able to share a small sample of the Lyon Collection with our visitors.  It was an interesting and fun experience working with another collection and curating it into an exhibition.  Definitely an opportunity that rarely arises!

Thank you to all who came and we look forward to sharing our next Town Hall Gallery curated exhibition Imagined Worlds which opens on Saturday 25 June until Sunday 21 August.

Monday, May 2, 2016

Panel Discussion: Collectors Share their Collections

The Traveller exhibition on now at Town Hall Gallery.  Photo by Christian Capurro

This panel discussion will give audience members a personal insight into the key private collections of the Lyon Collection and Ten Cubed Gallery, as well as how curators are working together with both public and private collections.

  Corbett Lyon: Chair of the Lyon Foundation
  Dianne Gringlas: Executive Director at Ten Cubed Gallery
  Ada Moshinsky: Curator at Ten Cubed Gallery
  David Sequeira: Independent curator, artist and consultant
  Bryony Nainby: Director, Benalla Art Gallery
    and moderated by Town Hall Gallery's Senior Curator, Mardi Nowak.

Guests will have the opportunity to pick the brains of some of Australia’s most significant art collectors and discuss ideas such as: why and how people collect art; The difference between public and private collections and changes in how people have access to them; details of the panel’s experiences and some of their favourite works; why collections are important in Australia.
The event is FREE, with a cash bar operating from 6.00pm with a selection of gourmet snacks and beverages. We will be extending the gallery opening hours until 6.30pm so you have the opportunity to view The Traveller prior to the Panel Discussion.

You can book a place here to ensure your seat.

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Dinusha Joseph and the CPW 2017 Program

Our most recently concluded exhibition at the Community Project Wall was a tale of rejection, hard work, success and achievement. Dinusha Joseph first applied to exhibit at the Community Project Wall for the 2015 program was unsuccessful. We receive a large influx if applications and have only 12 slots to apportion, so it's actually more likely to miss out than to be selected. Especially as we also take care to ensure a reasonable spread of solo, group and community shows across the year. But following the news of her unsuccessful bid, Dinusha took the gallery up on their offer of feedback and met with the Assistant Curator to discuss her application and ways of improving her chances for the next year. Taking that on board, she resubmitted for the 2016 program and was successful.

"Looking back," says Dinusha, "having the extra year to work on the feedback, really did change the nature of the works."

During the lead-up to her exhibition Dinusha worked incredibly hard to bring her body of work together, consulting with the gallery to ensure a strong and cohesive suite of paintings. As a result of her diligence and thorough approach, she arrived on the day of installation with a captivating and intense show, ready to be set into place. "A highlight for me of the whole process was the installation day," says Dinusha.

Working with the Assistant Curator to marry her paintings with the idiosyncrasies of the gallery space and architecture, Landscape is a Concept was born. It was evident from the very moment the paintings were lined up along the walls that we had a special show on our hands. Before the lighting was even set, two paintings were sold. Buy the end of the first week, ahead of the official launch, seven paintings had been sold. By the end of the opening, all but 2 paintings had sold.

"The opening was a very special day," notes Dinusha, "in that I was able to share my painting practice with friends and family, in an environment that expressed the story within the works."

So whether you've applied in the past, never exhibited before or just want to bring your work out into the public sphere, an application to the Community Project Wall exhibition program might be the step on a very rewarding journey.

We are now accepting applications for the 2017 Program and encourage you to apply. If you've exhibited prior to 2016, we'd also love to hear from you; and whether you'd like a solo show, wish to band together with some friends, or represent a school or community group, the opportunity to share your artwork with a large audience, under the guidance of a curator and in a professional setting - well, this might be the perfect chance.

Information kits and submission forms are available online (just click on the links).