Friday, April 3, 2009 with stroke... from nowhere to here...

... living with stroke... from nowhere to here... begins on Wednesday 8 April at Town Hall Gallery. The exhibition features 22 photographic portraits and explores the journey various people have had affected by stroke.
The above photograph "Glenn Fraser Sitting in the Gentleman's sitting room" has this story told by Glenn of his own journey.
"My name is Glenn Fraser. My star sign is Virgo and I was born in 1962. That's right, I am one of the younger people to have had a stroke. These days I am painting and creating mosaics but before my stroke, I had my own business called Landescapes where I created beautiful gardens for my customers, many of whom beacame friends. I invented a word called 'hortisculpture' which describes the type of work I did.
On the 8th July, 2003 my world stood still! I had a stroke, a big one. So big, that I was not expected to survive. After eight days I did! I guess it was meant to be and I set about the very difficult road to recovery. Many wonderful people helped me work on my jigsaw that had many pieces missing. With youth on my side and hard work I have been able to defy predictions and surpass my recovery expectations. However, I still struggle with aphasia and dysphasia.
It is not easy! Most times I'm a happy soul but sometimes like many stroke survivors I get depressed and frustrated and wonder why me? Getting depressed though doesn't improve anything, so I guess I just have to continue on my recovery journey.
My portrait is taken in the gentleman's sitting room, which used to be our lounge room. It's always very interesting to see how people react when they come into this room. Sometimes very funny."

I hope that you can come along and view this touching and thought provoking exhibition. Exhibition dates are 8 May to 30 May.

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