Thursday, August 20, 2009

False Gods? exhibition coming up!

Town Hall Gallery is pleased to host an exciting installation by artists Emma Hicks and Kate Williams, with a soundtrack composed by Andrew McPherson, which will be on show from 2 September to 19 September.

This collaborative work by the two Sydney artists is an exploration of the controversial topic - genetic engineering – and the artists come to the theme from two unique perspectives.

One perspective is that of an adopted child and the other a descendant of the Stolen Generation.

False Gods? aims to open a dialogue about the benefits and implications of cloning: what are the consequences of tampering with the beauty and perfection of human cells in the hope of creating something better? Where are the boundaries and guidelines for the scientists of today? How and when does a life become disposable?

In this installation, ‘newborn’ babies made from Ballistics gel (which is specifically made to replicate human flesh), swing gently in diaphanous organza sacks like a ‘circle of life’, suspended from the ceiling and glowing in a soft pink light. Each is stamped with a barcode.

On the wall, resin works on canvas depict human tissue and cells in magnification, and aluminium totem poles are etched with fragments of the human genetic code. Accompanying the installation is Sounds, an interpretation of human DNA by sound artist Andrew McPherson.

The elements of the work create a tension between the modern miracle of genetic science and the unadorned beauty and perfection of new human life.

Town Hall Gallery is pleased to have Dr. Lyn Turney, senior lecturer in Sociology at Swinburne University to officially launch the exhibition.

Associated with the exhibition is the public program, In Conversation - False Gods?, which will be held at 2pm, Friday 4 September. This event is free to attend.

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