Thursday, July 30, 2009

Hand colouring photocopy workshop

Dr. Constance Ellis (as Queen Victoria)

original work by Pegg Clarke, courtesy of State Library of Victoria Picture Collection.

Auburn Primary Group 1 30 July 2009 021

Student from Auburn Primary's interpretation.

dora wilson

original work by Dora Wilson, Town Hall Gallery Collection.

Auburn Primary Group 2 - 11am  30 July 2009 007

Student from Auburn Primary School's interpretation.

Auburn Primary Group 2 - 11am  30 July 2009 010

A colourful work by one of Auburn Primary School Students from the workshop.
Today Town Hall Gallery hosted two groups from Auburn Primary School for a viewing of Ilona Nelson's exhibition The Family Mould and a workshop inspired by the exhibition. Students enjoyed matching up the photos from Ilona's family tree to her actual artworks. After listening to a talk from Curator Mardi Nowak and watching all three of the short films, they moved to the community arts space where they took part in 'hand colouring' various photocopies with their own spin. Some of the base images that we used for the workshop included works from our own Town Hall Gallery Collection, as well as some images that will be on display in the upcoming show, Together Again.
To view more of the wonderful works that the students created, visit our flickr site!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Ilona's Snapshot in Time

Ilona leader photo

leader article leader
click on article to make bigger!

If you haven't had the chance to come and see the beautiful exhibition, The Family Mould by Ilona Nelson then you have a week left! The exhibition ends on Sunday August 2 at 3pm.
Want to know more? Check out the above article that was featured in the Progress Leader recently. Also you can always go to Ilona's website to see what else she is up to.
We hope to see you soon at Town Hall Gallery!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Artist talks & Cupcakes!

promo from art guide australia july/august 2009

Do you have any plans for next Saturday 18 July at 2pm? Do love art and cupcakes? Well you should pop along to Town Hall Gallery next Saturday to hear from the lovely Ilona Nelson discuss the inspiration behind her exhibition The Family Mould.
Town Hall Gallery knows that concentrating hard on art can be quite hungry work so we have made sure that the fabulous Jess from Sugadeaux cupcakes has some of her gorgeous cupcakey treats on hand after the talk for you to sample with a hot cup of coffee!
Sound enticing? Contact us at the gallery and book your spot - it's free and we will see you next Saturday at In Conversation with Ilona Nelson. The program begins at 2pm sharp and ends at approximately 3pm. See you there!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Ilona in the media

Article on Ilona Nelson and her upcoming exhibition.

The next exhibition at Town Hall Gallery is The Family Mould, a solo show of worksby Ilona Nelson. As a preview, here is an article from the Leader Newspaper and a lovely photo of Ilona with a couple of her photographs waiting to come over to us! She said not to mind her ghostly appearance, she actually looks less pale in real life, I can vouch for this!

We look forward to seeing you at The Family Mould exhibition which is open to the public from Wednesday 8 July.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The Family Mould begins next week

The Gardener by Ilona Nelson

The next exhibition at Town Hall Gallery begins on Wednesday 8 July and runs until Sunday 2 August 2009.

The Family Mould continues photographer Ilona Nelson's current exploration of self identity. Prompted by the birth of her first child, Nelson uses her artistic practice to focus on her family history, demonstrating that the deeply personal is in many cases the universal. Her selectively hand coloured photographs reinterpret images from her family album by re-photographing them in a contemporary context.

The exhibition also incorporates a short film focusing on times and places that have been significant in the artist’s personal growth. This new work of Nelson's invites the audience to examine how their own family experiences have shaped both their lives and themselves. In The Family Mould, Nelson offers her audience a fascinating exploration of the parallels and contrasts between the present day and that of previous generations. She presents us with the idea that, underneath the lace and finery, we are not so different to those who came before.

Associated with the exhibition are the following public programs:

Searching Your Family History
Wednesday 15th July 11am

Find out where to start searching your family history with this informative program produced by City of Boroondara Library Services. An introduction to The Family Mould exhibition by Curator Mardi Nowak is also included.

In Conversation
Saturday 18th July 2pm

Join artist Ilona Nelson and Curator, Mardi Nowak to discuss how family history led to the exploration of identity in the exhibition, The Family Mould.
You can see more on Ilona Nelson by visiting her website:
We will see you soon!