Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Spotlight on Aaron Bailey...

what do you call a group of artists 042

One of the paintings as part of the series of works by Aaron Bailey.

what do you call a group of artists 040

An installation view of the sculptures and paintings on show by Aaron Bailey.
The sky has been a reacurring theme in Aaron Bailey's work over the last few years. His work in the exhibition X represents the Unknown, looked at the night sky of the mallee. This body of work for What do they call a group of artists? is a little brighter and takes into account, light fractures and the idea of a cloud's silver lining.
Below is Aaron's artist statement for his current works:

"Every cloud has a silver lining. Without light, there would be no lining, without light there would be no life. The sky has always inspired my work; the large blue space that goes on for miles, as far as the eye can see. Then there are the clouds that dot the Mallee sky. This sky is home. This sky gives me hope. Hope needs light. We all need to have a little light to see the silver lining.
Light can come in many ways, the sun, a bulb, a person or a place. For twelve months I have had a light that has given me many silver linings, which has helped me grow, and develop and move from the dark clouds to the blue skies, where light reflects and fractures.

This body of work merges the sky and earth, the masculine and feminine, light and hope. My main point of reference is the Northern European Culture's idea that the masculine is the sky and the feminine is the earth, and have created the sky from the earth below.
Within the works sky and earth merge to create an object that should sit softly above you, but also occupy space in front of you.

Reflection can be many things; to reflect on one's thoughts, to view ones image in a mirror, to have light reflect off a lens, an eye. All involve the self, and the light that you see, the masculine, the feminine, the cloud and the silver lining."
You can see Aaron's work as part of What do they call a group of artists? until Saturday 27 February.

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