Thursday, November 25, 2010

Beards from Queensland with Josh Rufford!

Beardo exhibition 005
Installation by Josh Rufford.

We are loving having this menagerie of objects and artworks by the very talented Josh Rufford.  As the curator here at Town Hall Gallery, I have to give Josh an award for the most detailed installation map, it was so easy to replicate this fantastic display as per his instructions.

I love all of these works and objects and can't help but see something new everytime I go by!  His works are also very affordable if you would like a little bit of Josh Rufford in your house too!  Check out his website here!

Tell us about yourself! Where are you from and what type of work do you do?

Hello. I'm Josh. I live in Brisbane. I like to make things from all sorts of materials and mediums. I like to draw and paint and create little sculpture-y things from found objects and recycled materials. At the moment I'm really enjoying making bookends from reclaimed timber and discarded PVC offcuts and scraps.

What attracted you to make work about beards?

I'm not really sure. I just kinda like drawing from things around me and I guess having a beard and knowing alot of people with beards. Also I seem to incorporate myself or alter-egos of myself into a lot of my work. It is fun to draw hair, especially messy hair.

Are you surprised by the reaction for 'beard related' art and how popular the beard is?

Not really, I mean looking back through history and seeing the number of portraits and imagery of beards is real interesting. I grew up surrounded by beards (my dad, uncles and family friends) so I've always thought they were pretty cool.

What attracted you to take part in Beardo - the exhibition?

It sounded like a really fun and interesting show.

What do you think people will take away with them from seeing your work?

Hopefully a bit of a smile or giggle. I just really enjoy creating different things and looking and thinking about things from all angles.

Don't forget that Beardo is on until 18th December, so pop in and take a look!


Anonymous said...

Boring.. is it even art?

Anonymous said...

This is rubbish.. anyone can collect rubbish and 'claim' it is art!!

Gallery Curator said...

It's actually not just found objects. Even the beer bottles have had their labels removed and new 'hand drawn' labels added. All of the works are painted and drawn on to found objects. Not just rubbish as you think.

christie said...

Until you have seen the work, labelling it as boring, or rubbish is a quite presumtuous. If anyone can do it, as you say, why is your work not in the gallery?

Josh's work was lovely, whimsical & innovative, taking ordinary objects & making them beautiful.

So there!

Ruffo said...


Cheers for your great positive feedback Mardi and Christie. Much appreciated.

Josh Rufford