Friday, December 17, 2010

Getting beardy with Christie Torrington...

Work by Christie Torrington
detail of one of Christie's works.

We spoke with the lovely Christie Torrington about her love of beards.  We were incredibly lucky to have Christie fly on down from Sydney to attend the opening night and also the In Conversation program for Beardo.  Her small works and beautiful and very engaging.  To see more, check out her website

Tell us about yourself! Where are you from and what type of work do you do?
I am a Sydney based artist/illustrator living & working in the inner west suburb of Petersham. My work explores, and has always explored notions of the body and the self. I am fascinated by the fluidity & immediacy of pen & ink, it is my new obsession.

What attracted you to make work about beards?
I like hairy men with something to hide! I am interested in the notion of the beard as a disguise, a barrier, a hiding place. I am also interested in the 'stigma' of the beard, the old idea that a beard represents a 'shifty' man, a man who should not be trusted. The beard has become a symbol of something other than just lazy grooming - it alludes to personalities that are integral to Australian culture such as the bush ranger, the biker, the metal-head.

Are you surprised by the reaction for 'beard related' art and how popular the beard is?
Not at all - beards have always elicited a wide range of opinions, emotions and sideways glances. Fashion works in cycles - it is only a matter of time before people are riding penny farthing bicycles & sporting crinolines all over again. The beard revival is only just beginning.

Last days of Beardo 012

What attracted you to take part in Beardo - the exhibition?
Old beards battling it out with new beards in one fantasic space grabbed me from the moment I heard about the show! I like the clash of the old and the new. It is through our past that we may understand the present & change the future, and beards are no exception!

What do you think people will take away with them from seeing your work?
I hope people will be inspired to grow their own beard - I sadly cant grow one myself, but if I could - I would be all up in that.

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