Thursday, January 27, 2011

Getting bugged with Andrea Kaltwasser

Grouped installation shot 033
Some of the framed 'bugs' by Andrea Kaltwasser.

From taking a look at Andrea's body of works for the Grouped exhibition, you may think that she is slightly obsessed with all things creepy crawly!  However I think it is her obsession with colour and pattern that has led her to to the path of recreating bug specimens onto paper.  Her series of various bugs and carefully inked onto the paper and then elaborately hand embroidered.  The embroidery adds to the texture of the bug shells and some of them almost look like brightly coloured tribal tattoos.

One of my favourite elements to Andrea's series of works is the way that they have been framed and presented.  The simple frames with the outstretched bugs inside are reminscent of exotic specimens that you would find in a natural history museum.
andrea bug detail
A close up view of the intricate embroidery.

Andrea talks about her body of work in the catalgoue for Grouped:
"My aim with this body of work is to convert the perception some people have that beetles and other insects are nasty, scary, creepy, crawly things. Rather I see they beauty in their shape and colour.

With the use of vibrant paints and ink and a large of array of speciality threads, I will contrast the often severe shapes of insects whilst highlighting their gorgeous patterns and colours, some realistic others fantastical.

If you take the time and look a little closer you will discover a wonderful world of amazing patterns and remarkable colours and perhaps grow to love some of Mother Nature's jewels as I have."

Grouped ends this Saturday 29 January at 5pm.  You can join us on Saturday from 2pm to 3pm for the In Conversation program and hear more about the works directly from the artists!

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