Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Movie tees with Midnight Maruders by Best Fiend

best fiend

Tee shirts speak in many tongues. Walk down any street anywhere in the world and you’ll be able to read the public by the art and slogans worn with pride. A mum with a pram wearing a Cannibal Corpse tee shows
that she still rages on the inside. A young Hip-Hop kid wearing an Original Fake tee shows that he or she is passionate about art, music and design and also wants to belong to a tribe.

It was this line of thought that inspired Best Fiend to create printed tees and keeps us inspired. Inside millions of wardrobes and laundry baskets around the world lie curated collections of cultural dialogue.

The Midnight Marauders collection fits snugly into the definition of ‘Curated Culture’. Adopting it’s name from arguably the finest album from A Tribe Called Quest, MM is predominantly about movies. Not just any movies but the films that define us as artists. Although part of a larger series, the three shirts presented for the exhibition are ‘Ted’, ‘Carol’ and ‘Andrei’.

‘Andrei’ is a tee inspired by Andrei Tarkovsky and his masterpiece ‘Solaris’. Tarkovsky serves as an inspiration due to his uncompromising vision which seems to be an ever shrinking phenomenon in contemporary culture.

‘Carol’ is inspired by the British director Carol Reed and the tee displays an image from his film ‘The Third Man’. The image of the character Holly Martens standing with his arms pressed either side of a storm drain seemed so enigmatic and perfect as an antidote to hollow fashion prints and overly referential design. It’s simple and will be recognized and understood by members of your tribe without screaming ‘I’m from a movie’.

‘Ted’ is named after Ted Kotcheff, the guy who directed Weekend At Bernies.It may seem like an odd choice to celebrate the low brow with the high brow but Weekend At Bernies has a special place in our
hearts. In someone else’s hands it could have been morose and morbid but as it stands is smart and creative.

The asthetic finish of these three tee prints could be labeled as ‘Psychadellic Noir’. Taking our cues from Norwegian metal bands and Post Rock stylings, the prints are stark and distressed, andding an extra layer of intrigue to throw seasoned pop culture savants off guard as well as cultivating a sense of mystery. The print used on ‘Ted’ was originally from an Italian release poster of Weekend at Bernies and unless someone informed you that the print and the film were indeed related, you’d be none the wiser.

In this time of highly evolved visual language it has become more and more challenging to create unique signatures of your own that will also be recognized by your cultural kin. Midnight Marauders is an experiment in constant flux designed to achieve just that.

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