Tuesday, January 14, 2014

It's a Keeper... submissions are open!

Town Hall Gallery is seeking expressions of interest for a community art project inviting people to share and create a dialogue around fashion items we simply can't live without!

It’s a Keeper, will be featured as a part of Town Hall Gallery's Exhibition Fixation (Tuesday 4 March to Sunday 13 April, 2014) to coincide with the launch of the 2014 Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival.

The exhibition Fixation seeks to create a dialogue around ideas of our obsession with fashion. Whether we like it or not, in our modern world we find it hard to get away from what is new, what is in, and 'what celebrity wore what'. How are artists commenting on these ideas and how do they challenge them in the art world?

So, what's your Fixation? What's in your wardrobe that you would never throw out?  What everyday interaction do you have with your object/clothing/ accessory?  What is your most cherished fashion object/ item?

If you would like to be involved and be willing to be a part of our short documentary or have your object featured as a part of Fixation, please complete and submit the expression of interest by 5pm Friday 14 February 2014.

You can find the link to the form here.

Items submitted will be displayed in the gallery with some of the stories.  This is a fantastic opportunity to share stories from your own wardrobe.  

Senior Curator Mardi Nowak decided to share one of her most treasured items.

Our Gallery & Curatorial Assistant Marion in Mardi's Parka while in Scotland recently.

Please describe the object/ item?
Blue Spiewak parka (jacket), padded and with faux fur trimmed hood.

What is the significance of this item?
I bought this parka well over 10 years ago on my first trip to New York City.  It has been my 'go to' warm jacket for many years.

Why are you obsessed with this item/ object?
This parka is one item that I don't seem to wear very often now but I can't seem to give it away as it has so many memories attached to it.  I bought it on the very first day at a store called Yellow Rat Bastard in New York City.  It must have been an omen as I arrived 2 days before Christmas and late on Christmas eve it snowed!  I was thankful that I bought this parka to keep me warm!

I have travelled with it ever since.  I have been rained on in Boston in it, gone to Boxing Day sales at Bloomingdales in it… I love it!  I now loan it to friends for when they need something warm to wear.  Currently it is with a friend in Scotland!

What is the story of this object/item? How did you come to own it?
As I mentioned, it was purchased from Yellow Rat Bastard in New York City.  That store is a bit of an institution itself in Soho.  I still remember going with my friend to purchase it and making the hard decision of what colour to buy!  Everytime I go to  New York, I always stop into Yellow Rat Bastard.

Who would you trust to take care of this item in your absence?
I think that I am happy with anyone to take care of this item as it does the rounds! Marion Piper recently wore it in Scotland.  I'm not too precious about it - though it does have memories.

 We are aiming to get close to 100 items for It's a Keeper, so have a dig around your closet!

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