Friday, November 28, 2014

Christmas 2014 at The Emporium @ Town Hall Gallery

Can you hear that sound? 

No, it's not your imagination, that sound is in fact sleigh bells and the joy of the festive season quickly approaching! (Cheesy segue, I know)

At Town Hall Gallery, we are passionate about Art and all things creative. We love supporting local artists and designers, especially in our gorgeous gallery shop, The Emporium @ Town Hall Gallery. We stock a wide range of gifts and unique handmade goods that are sure to set fire to the hearts of those you love this silly season. Next time you're in the Hawthorn Arts Centre, make sure you head over to the eastern side of the building and spend some time getting to know our wonderful products. To entice you, we have put together some gift ideas for those 'hard to buy for' people in your life.

The 'Mum-Who-Has-Everything' Gift...

It's all in the name: Simone DEVINE. Crafted from resin, these colourful necklaces, bangles and earrings are quirky enough to attract the right kind of attention, but not too quirky to be labelled 'alternative'. Pair a necklace with a simple black dress and instant outfit! We know that the 'mum-who-has-everything' is unlikely to have an accessory from Simone Devine, so make tracks down to THG and see them in the flesh (they're very impressive).

Simone Devine Jewellery - prices range from $39.00 to $79.00.
The 'Quirky-Art-Student' Gift...

Skip the queues at your local shopping centre craft store and make a pit stop in Hawthorn to get the perfect gift for the creative person in your life. We stock a large range of sketchbooks and ntoebooks, including the legendary Moleskine and 100% recycled paper Zap Book. One of our most popular products has to be the Palomino range of pencils. They have been described as like 'writing with butter' and are world famous, used by such creative mavericks as Frank Lloyd Wright. We have three styles on offer, plus the Palomino sharpener and replacement erasers. If you're looking for something EXTRA special, we carry the Palomino Aquarelle pencils, beautifully presented in a wooden box. Any art student would be thrilled to bits to crack open a present of Palomino goodness on Christmas day.

Our selection of goods for a Quirky Art Student.

The 'Best-Friend-Who-Likes-Cute-Animals' Gift...

What's usually the most recycled Christmas gift? CHRISTMAS CARDS! Why not shake things up a little this year and give the gift that keeps on giving: a card that doubles as a mask! Suitable for the young and old alike, these cardboard masks come with an envelope and space in the card to write your own personal holiday message. As they aren't riddled with the usual Christmas hype, they can be used again and again, for dress-up parties or simply to frighten the neighbours on boxing day morning when you take out the garbage. We also carry a Kangaroo mask that would make the perfect gift for an international visitor.

Cat Mask from TMOD - $8.95 each.

Fox Mask from TMOD - $8.95 each.

Lion Mask from TMOD - $8.95 each.

The 'Serious-Art-Collector' Gift...

Printmaking stuff Collecting Art is a serious business and we realise that not everyone in your life will be won over by cute, quirky or handmade gifts. If you're at a loss for what to get that particular relative you don't know very well, we have a selection of small, affordable artworks available, such as hand printed cards, small prints and paperweights. These limited edition prints are produced by some of Melbourne's finest printmakers (Jenny Peterson and Bronwyn Rees for example). 'Uncle Bob' has the perfect spot above his marble fireplace for one of these prints, so make sure you take the time next time you're at THG to admire the detail they possess. 

So so many beautiful prints!
The 'Eternal-Backpacker' Gift...

This may be your reality or perhaps you have a friend who is swinging into town after a year abroad to spend Christmas with their family. You really can't go past these one-of-a-kind leather luggage tags by Emerge Designs. Every time your backpacking friend spots their luggage on the conveyor belt at the airport, they'll think of you with a smile as they catch a glimpse of their luggage tag among the other forty-seven blue backpacks passing by. 

Emerge Designs Leather Luggage Tags - $35.00 each.

The 'Dad-Who-Likes-The-Outdoors-But-Who-Also-Tries-To-Be-Cool' Gift...

Let's face it, we've all got one of these dads. It wouldn't be Christmas without an embarrassing anecdote from your childhood or some sage advice from Dad. He'll love our enamel Adventure Cups because they're not only practical for camping, but they're also educational, teaching you such things as knot-tying, how to make damper and navigating our skies using the Southern Cross Constellation. 

Adventure Cups - $15.95 each.

The 'I-Don't-Do-Christmas-But-I-Want-To-Treat-Myself' Gift...

It's always nice to spend a little extra on yourself to balance out the giving at Christmas. We all have different tastes but I'm sure you'll find something small at our gallery shop to tide you over until your are inundated with festive love. Gift wrapping? Sure! We stock beautiful tape and unique wrapping paper (plus, if you're super nice, our gallery staff may even wrap it for you!).

MT Tape from Telegram - Single rolls (L - prices vary); Pack of Five Rolls $19.95 (R);
1950s Abstract Wrapping Paper - $22.95

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