Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Walk and Sketch

On Saturday 20 February the Gallery partnered with the Parks & Gardens team from Boroondara to co-host a 'Walk and Sketch' session at the gorgeous Maranoa Gardens. With places in hot demand, we sold out the 30 free tickets well in advance of the event. It was such a success that we are looking into scheduling more like this, throughout the parks of Boroondara, maybe in cycle with the seasonal changes throughout the year. If you're interested, please sign up to our newsletter or join us on social media through Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

The wonderful areas of Maranoa Gardens

Paul Birch showing some of the wonderful specimens in the garden
Paul Birch, horticulturalist specialist for the gardens, took the group through the various zones of Maranoa Gardens, expertly advising on the plant species, the development of the gardens and the seasonal changes therein. Fielding an array of questions from the group, Paul generously shared his knowledge and helped provide some fuel for the creative minds. The weather couldn't have been more perfect for the occasion, and the Parks & Gardens team provided morning tea to make sure we all had enough energy to set out on our own into the garden and let the artistic drive propel our output.

Paul discussing seeds and germination

Drawing in the Arid Section of the garden

Out on the lawns, inspired by nature
The Gallery would like to acknowledge the Parks & Gardens team, especially Paul, for the valuable opportunity to spend time in this wonderful local resource. Also, a big thank you to those that came long, for your interest and enthusiasm! Stay tuned for more Walk and Sketch events later in the year.

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