Is it legal to sell dogs in Australia

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The motive behind selling a dog or a puppy is not always the same for everyone who is selling them. There are some people who consider selling their dog because they feel that they are not giving them proper attention which they actually deserve. Some people sell them when they are shifting from one city to another or from one country to another. A large portion of dog sellers are basically breeders, they sell them because it is their business. Whatever the case is if you are considering selling a dog in Australia and are wondering is it legal to sell dogs in Australia then you need to know that it is certainly legal to sell them in Australia. However, puppies that have attained 8 weeks of age can only be sold. Until 8 weeks, they must stay with their mother and other siblings. So, if you are considering selling dogs or dogs for sale in Australia then never attempt to sell them before they reach 8 weeks of age as you can really fall into legal issues.


Another most important thing which needs to be taken care of while selling a dog or a puppy is that you need to ensure that you provide them proper vaccinations before selling them to anyone. This would help them a lot as they would be protected from any type of disease or sickness which could possibly affect them within a few days of them being sold. Moreover, before selling any dog or puppy, you also need to ensure that they are properly groomed and in very good condition before you hand them over to their new owner because nobody wants to buy a dog that looks shabby or undernourished. If you can’t do the grooming of the dog by yourself, then you can always take them to a professional groomer.