Is Waterloo New South Wales a Good Place to Live?

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Your views about life in apartments at Waterloo will obviously be coloured by your previous residence as well as your expectations – commute and people. But generally speaking, is waterloo new south wales a good place to live? Let’s break it down.



As one of the fastest growing suburbs in Sydney, Waterloo’s connected to the city’s major bus and rail projects. Aside from these incredibly convenient transport systems in place making interstate travel a breeze, Waterloo’s also just a 15 minute drive from the airport. This makes it a prime location for professionals and frequent flyers. It’s essentially the 10 minutes trip to anywhere suburb.



Waterloo’s within close distance to world reknown international universities – University of Sydney and University of New South Wales. It’s therefore not surprising that it’s population is made up of young vibrant youths, and professionals with multicultural backgrounds. If you’re thinking of raising a family there, not only do you have one of the top 100 universities in the world within driving distance, you also expose your family to a world of striking cultures and cuisines.


Prime Location

Waterloo is smack dab in the middle of it all. Located just a stone’s throw away from Sydney and all its beaches, Opera houses, parks and allures, Waterloo’s the best place to experience all Sydney has to offer, without paying premium for an address.




As you’d expect from a newly refurbished suburb, Waterloo’s buildings are undergoing a restructuring process that’s seeing more modernized buildings. Regardless, the streets are still dotted with Old-school pubs, and you’d occasionally pass Victorian styled houses.


Waterloo tends to be quieter than most suburbs in the area, but it’s an ideal place for some families to raise kids. If you’re in your 40’s downwards, single, married or career oriented, you’ll enjoy the convenience of living a stone’s throw from every location. As with everything though, know which part of Waterloo you’re moving into, as that’ll affect the quality of your stay.