Spirit Telecom Australia Review

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Anyone who knows anything about living in Australia dreads the internet. We consistently rank amongst places with the slowest internet in the world, primarily because we still rely on telephone lines that are susceptible to weather conditions and geographical disadvantages, for the internet. To say Aussies have internet issues will be understating it.


Yet Spirit telecom has managed to stay above the fray. If you live in certain parts of Australia, you won’t have to deal with the NBN’s poor internet service, you’ll have a wider internet menu. This spirit telecom Australia review covers everything you need to know about their internet speed before you subscribe to their services. Let’s begin.


Speed: your speed will, of course, depend on where you live, but connected to Telstra Melbourne server, this was about 98/95. If your building uses the Uni-fi system, things will be very slow, however, if there are enough users in your building, you could get them to come to a change to fiber. Once fiber’s installed, your internet speed will be better.


When uploading or downloading, Spirit telecom’s fairly consistent – when there aren’t too many people crowding the server. So you may be able to stream and download without experiencing any performance drop as long as other users don’t congest the server. You can play a video games online, but you might need to do that during the so-called “peak” periods. The issue most people seem to have with Spirit is their unwillingness to update their hardware until it becomes so congested people complain.


So what happens is that once servers and fibre connections are installed, many people enjoy their service, so Spirit Telecom gets more subscribers. But instead of updating their infrastructure to match the increase in people, they delay. Besides their reluctance to update often, Spirit telecom remains the best internet option for Aussies.